Veronica Burnuthian
/ Regaliz Menta


"Love From Outer Space" is a video work realised together with artist Aelita Le Quément for the project Pension Noise, which is a row about noise music created by Galerie Kullukcu-Gregorian together with Anton Kaun aka Rumpeln. The music has been composed and recorded with analog synthesizers, effect pedals and drummachine: it has been recorded live and rearranged digitally. It is a 20-min long deep-dive into a world where nature seems to be somewhat human but is seen through a distorted lense changing the colors, shape and form of the seen panorama and objects. It is like waking up on another planet, having no sense of time and space anymore, walking around, wandering through this new ecosystem. The main inspiration for the music video is the movie "Annihilation" written by Jeff VanderMeer, in which an alien object came in contact with Earth and its unique law of physics and nature start merging with our planet creating new forms of life and a new sense of unity. The movie's aesthetic is a dreamy-scary colorful and psychedelic panorama of this new environment where the line between different species is blurred. It is this exact heavy feeling and energy that is conveyed in our video "Love From Outer Space".